Snails, Sales, and Prayers

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We've been learning about bugs and the kiddos decided they wanted to hunt some today. (YUCK) And although eventually, I know we probably should make a bug shadow box or some such yucky project, today we were just looking. We went walking through the woods and found all sorts of strange and unusual things (unfortunately I left my camera at the house, so no pictures!) from Hercules beetles to praying mantises to centipedes. All different types of ants and termites, and good gracious at all the different beetles and kinds of spiders! Who knew there was so many types of creatures living in our backyard?!? (well, I had an idea, but knowing the numbers is A LOT different from seeing them crawling, creeping, and stalking around in all their numerous glory!)

Their favorite thing that they found were snails. They found several, but the one they tortured (lol) the most was a big fat juicy one about as long as my index finger. They LOVED putting it on the table to watch it slide across it, but now I have great slimy snail trails across the glass table outside! (LOL)

Then I called an auto salvage place to come buy my old van. I was absolutely SICK of it sitting in my driveway so I sold it! Josh was so shocked when he got home, but he was pleased with it after I reassured him I didn't sell it to them for $50 or something! LOL

And on that note, I would also like to ask for everyone to pray for my friend's little boy, Josiah. He has Hurler's Syndrome, and had to travel with his whole family to Minnesota from Tennessee to get a bone marrow transplant, chemo, and a bunch of other tests and treatments for the condition. Luckily, his twin brother was a match for the bone marrow so he didn't have to wait for a donor. He's in the home stretch now, and has been told that he should be able to go home early, (they've been there for 85 days and should be able to go home on Monday, instead of staying for 100 days, so he's actually been doing really good!) but his mommy got a call that one of his x-rays showed he had some fluid building around his heart. So, if you think about it, say a little prayer for him! (You can read about his journal at their blog Josiah's Journey)

Have a great evening, all!


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