My Harmony

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Oh, my sweet and wonderful Harmony.

My kind, caring, loving, helpful, smart, funny, imaginative, carefree, intelligent, capable, beautiful first child and oldest daughter. My adorable baby girl, who is growing up much too fast and is quick enough on the uptake to take on her momma and figure out my tricks and techniques carefully designed to outwit a very witty six year old.

My child you have inherited genes from some of the most stubborn, hard-headed, and willful people this world has ever known.

How I try to teach you right from wrong, and the attitudes and mind-sets that will set you far ahead of anything your father and I have ever dreamed of; how I hope that you inherit our good qualities without being subject to our bad ones that we struggle to overcome.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of you every moment of your life.

How my heart soars when you master a new skill. How I cherish your every smile and silly song. How I relish your help, and your ability to rise to the occasion when someone's hurting or sad.

In the same way, I can't tell you how much it hurts me to discipline you.

How I wish I could take all your sadness and tears away and never make anything but a smile appear on that lovely face. I wish you would understand that every action has a consequence, whether it be good or bad, in this world or the next.

Daughter of my heart, please listen to me.

I don't expect more of you because you are the oldest or because you are a girl... I expect more of you because I have more to teach you. I can't teach your brothers to provide for a family, to lead and to support. I can't teach your brothers to be feminine and helpful, to run a household like a woman can.

But I can teach you, my sweet, sweet little girl.

The same attitudes and actions that you struggle with are the ones when harnessed and controlled are the ones that will some day make you the wonderful woman that I know you will be:

Your innate sense of fairness, that shows itself in how you struggle against anger when you perceived to be wronged will one day guide your hand in protecting those who've been wronged.

My child, you must learn that life is not always fair before you can understand enough change it as much as you can.

Your over-protectiveness of your 'babies' and things will one day help you learn how to care for the precious items you will be in charge of in your own home.

But, my baby, you must learn that things are temporal, and never last, before you can truly appreciate their value.

Your strong emotions will one day lead you to love your husband and children fiercely, and help you be a better wife and mother in the lives that will some day intertwine with your own.

My sweetie, you must learn that emotions must be controlled before you can truly feel them.

My child, I will do my very best to raise you in the way you should be raised.

I will not promise to get you everything you want, because I won't. I will not promise you that you will never be disciplined for behaviors that require chastisements, because I will. I won't promise you that I'll make your life easy enough to skate through, because I won't.

But, my darling, there is so much wonder in this world I want to share with you.

I will promise you that I will try and teach you the things you need to know, both academically and socially, that you will be able to succeed in whatever path God has laid out for you. I will promise you that I will always be there for you, to guide you and talk to you, and love you. I will promise you that I will equip you to lead a life of servitude, servitude to the Almighty who entrusted me with such a wonderful soul such as yours.

Sometimes the road is hard, but the reward is worth it.

I will try to not fail you, my love.


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