I don't have a thing to do... and I'm glad!!

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When I woke up this morning, I experienced something strange, and I almost couldn't wrap my mind around it. I have no pressing issues, nothing urgent that needs to be, and absolutely no plans for this week or weekend except to get the grass cut, clean the girl's bedroom, and go watch my 'new' niece's pageant this weekend. Seriously?


And I think that I am kind of glad.

You see, this weekend heralded the long anticipated wedding of my darling sister in law, and in all honesty, my best friend, Bj! And it truly was an all weekend affair!

I think I left off with the events of Wednesday, didn't I? Where my van was being towed off, and I was feeling very sad.

On Thursday, BJ picked me up in the afternoon around 3 (shortly after my van was towed to the mechanics!) and we drove to Madison (right outside of Nashville) to get every last bit of the shopping finished for the wedding. We picked up her dress at David's bridal, picked up the best man's tux at Men's Warehouse, and drove to Rivergate mall to buy little Kelley a dress. We stopped at Wally World on our way back home and bought the remainder of drinks, undergarments (or fat suckers, as we call them LOL), some ribbon, and foam board for signs for the wedding.

We even made it home before dark!

After my kiddos were in bed, I dragged out my Cricut and made the signs that would hopefully keep people from walking through her wedding area, since the actual ceremony was going to be on an intersection of the local walking track. I only got one picture, before it was glued down!, but I make one in blue and pink, and one in black and pink as well. :)


On Friday, Josh stayed home from work because he "loves his baby sister, and didn't want her to go insane having to try and finish up all the detail without me to calm her down!" LOL

Jamie, the middle child of the family (:D) arrived from Florida, and the three of us went to get our nails and toes done.

Dale was off getting details of his stores wrapped up so he could take the day off, and so we brought little Kelley with us. She was a dream baby, as usual (lucky B) and oh-so-cute!

It's been forever since I had my nails done, and even longer since I've gotten a pedi so I was thrilled, of course! I would've taken a better picture of my feet, where they don't look all funky but Josh thought I was insane for taking a picture of my feet (which I didn't do until yesterday) and was shaking me! LOL so you have to deal with a funky feet picture!

They did a good job at the salon, but it took so long it was basically time for the rehearsal when we were finished! Josh called just in the nick of time and told me that the van was ready and I could go pick it up from the mechanics! So BJ and Jamie dropped me off and ran in one direction and I paid for the repairs (a cam sensor! How crazy is that?!?) and took off in a hurry in the other!

I went and picked up my three big kids, and my mother in law, and we all dashed to the park for the rehearsal.

After rehearsal, we ran to the welcome center to set up for the reception and I ended up walking a very tired and cranky Kelley while BJ dashed about for a while. (Can you tell how much I minded? LOL )

Then we were all supposed to be going home, but when I went to pick the rest of our stuff that I'd forgotten at B's, she gave me a few last minute errands to run, and my mother in law decided I was too tired and too busy to cook and ordered pizza from Dale's pizzeria. (BLESS HER!)

We finally got home around 7 and shoveled some food into our stomachs, and I went to pick up a car that I was borrowing to get Robbie (my MIL) and me to the hair and make up in the morning.

When I came home, I finished working on the songs for the wedding and discovered I was out of CD-RW's! By that time, however it was after 2 am and I was exhausted so it had to wait until the morning!

*I know how horrible this is; but the wedding day itself will have to wait until I get some pictures from the photographer! It's another whole long blog in itself! LOL. Needless to say, by the end of the day, when we all finally got home, the kids went to sleep at 6:30, and I fell asleep in a chair about an hour later!*

On Sunday, we decided to take the day to ourselves, to just rest and recuperate as a family.

We went and visited a little while at Josh's grandmothers house to see Jamie and Nick off.

This is Josh and Jude and Gracelyn, who's Nick and Jamie's baby. Jude and Gracelyn share a birthday, only one year apart! Isn't that neat?

We set out on our own after they left, and drove around our favorite back roads...

We ate lots and lots of ice cream!

And played at the park until it was almost dark!

We capped the day off with a trip to the drive-in movies and chuck wagon sandwiches (YUMMY!)

So, now do you see why it felt strange to wake up this morning without a single thing that I had to do? LOL


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