My Very Busy Weekend

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I've been wanting to post a blog the last couple of days but I've not had time. I'm not sure that I have time right now, but I'm so tired that if I don't do it while I am thinking about it, I won't get it done!

So, Friday, we spent most of the day playing on the trampoline! The kids love it so much that they will stay on there for hours on end, so l just decided to climb on up with them and get some pictures!

And I discovered my pink honeysuckles are already blooming! I know that I should probably pinch the flowers, but I just can't make myself!

On Saturday, I went to BJ's bachelorette party. That's BJ, Danny, and me! LOL-yes my big brother went to a bachelorette party!! :) We went out to a local grill/restaurant/ bar/ grill/ karaoke club (It's a small town! LOL) and spent most of the night picking on BJ and playing pool.

Sunday, we spent at home since I've been gone so much doing wedding stuff and Josh is working the extra jobs. In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping, and although I came home starting to feel sick, I had the bestest helper in the whole world to help put up groceries! He was so funny, he just put EVERYTHING in the fridge in neat little stacks, and he got mad at me when I wouldn't let him put my hair products in there too!

Then, unfortuantly, i spent last night awake and sick on my stomach. I finally managed to doze off around 4:30 this morning and then woke up when Josh moved me to the couch so the kids would wake me up when they woke up... which was only about 20 minutes later... so I've had no energy at all today, although my stomach is much better this afternoon.

Then, today I felt yucky... I picked up a virus somewhere or something :(. But since my darling is home, he's been taking the brunt off of me, and I decided to make him a special treat I've been planning! Don't they look yummy? (They're crawfish for those of you who don't know!) They are simmering on the stove with a very special blend of spices and I'm making spinach and cheese tortellini to go with them. :)

Well, now you're all caught up! :)


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