"The Monsoon of 2010"

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People around here are calling this weekend the 'Monsoon of 2010'. It literally did not stop raining from Friday night until early, early this morning. Thankfully, we live on top of a hill and didn't suffer any flood damage, but that doesn't mean that our yard wasn't under a foot of standing water, and the bottom of our hollow was... well I couldn't even tell you how deep the water was down there, because I wasn't getting close enough to find out!! The picture about this paragraph is from the bridge in Red Boiling Springs, in the middle of town! You can see our old house in the right hand side of the picture!

I was in Nashville on Saturday afternoon, and got out just as they were closing down I-24 because it was under water! There was a man that was stuck on the interstate that caught a fish swimming past his car!!

Remember the waterfall we went to for our Tennessee Unit Study? This is it after 17 inches of rain in two days.

This is the road we live off of.

There is a road under that water!

Here, the road was flush with the ground.

This was a standing hay pasture.

Another picture of the road we live off of.

We haven't even ventured out of the house this morning, but the sun is shining so hopefully the water will be receding!


Anonymous said...

Where do you live? The flooding is just devastating, isn't it? I hope the water near you recedes soon, but I'm sure it will take some time. It's crazy what 20+ inches of rain will do, huh! Praying you all are okay!

Desi said...

We're in Macon County and are still under a flood warning until 5:30 today :(

Unknown said...

I'm glad you're ok! We got stranded at my parents house for 3 days! We finally made it home last night. We had only planned on being there for the day on Saturday so we didn't have a change of clothes or anything! It was nuts. Hannah came to my parents house after work and she couldn't get home either! (15 mins away!) We drove past some houses yesterday on our way home where the water was up to the roof. The yards were much lower than the road and they just looked like roofs sitting in a lake. It was so sad. The pictures of Opryland made me cry.

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