Why I love homeschooling... and our first attempt at notebooking!

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When else do you get to experience God's creation like this with your kids, and NOT feel guilty about quizzing them on types of rocks, and trees, and wildflowers?

We are starting a unit study on Tennessee, that I actually made up myself (and will have to research right alongside Harmony to learn some of the facts in my very ambitious outline!) from an idea I got from EasyFunSchool.

I love where we live, and the kids are constantly asking questions about the state so I thought it would be fun, even though I didn't do a state study until I was in 6th grade... if they are curious, we should satisfy that curiosity, right?

I mean, what better way to learn about native fish then trying to catch them? LOL

Or to learn about wildflowers then by finding them in the wild?

I also wanted to find a way to make what they're learning stick and decided to try notebooking for the first time.

I set my budding, six year old, photographer loose with my camera (eeekkkk!) and the instructions to take pictures of what Tennessee meant to her for her front page.

This is what she came up with, at home and decorated of course, although she took both of these pictures and about 200 more... she said these were her favorites.

(I did the writing on this page, and wrote what she wanted me to.)

Then I told her to pick her two favorite pictures from our trip to the waterfall this morning, and write something about it (I supplied the lines).

Here's what she made.

It says "The water at the water fall was amasing. I had fun. April 21, 2010"

So how are we doing with the notebooking so far?


Tracy said...

Looks like a great homeschool day to me!

Lisa said...

I agree. There is no better way to learn about nature than to touch it and to smell it! Your daughter did an wonderful job!

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