I'm Sad and Here's Why.

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We started out this morning by going to the County Clerk's office to get a tag for our new (to us) van. However, they raised taxes and wanted $200 and Josh had only given me $100... so it was pretty much a wasted trip.

Then we went by Bj's house to visit with her for a few minutes. We caught her just getting out of the shower. :)

Then the kids jumped up to play with Kelley's exer-saucer... they had a blast and Kelley thought they were crazy!

Jude discovered he had pockets!

Then we went outside and the kids decided to climb a tree!

And Harmony brought me flowers.

Then we went to Nana's and Grandpa's and took a walk in the field.

Then we went to Wal-Mart... and the van died in the parking lot. Seriously.

So we decided while we waited on Josh, we decided to get Forrest a hair cut for BJ's wedding.

I laughed was laughing so hard because he was totally engrossed in watching himself in the mirror!

But at least he looks like a little boy and not a feral child.

So, since the van was broken down, Pa and Dale (my step-dad) came out and gave us a ride home and the children occupied themselves jumping on the trampoline while we waited for Josh to get back with the van.

And this is what I'm watching right now... and that's why I'm sad. :(


Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Hi Desi! I saw your post over at Amys so thought I'd come over and see why you were so sad :( Bummer about your car! :( BUT you have adorable kiddos!!!
Lynnette wrote an awesome post today that seems like is a perfect fit for you today! I saw you were subscribed to her, so I hope that blesses you!!!

Anonymous said...

That totally stinks! Hope your van gets fixed soon. Hang in there - it will get better! ;)

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