Snails, Sales, and Prayers

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We've been learning about bugs and the kiddos decided they wanted to hunt some today. (YUCK) And although eventually, I know we probably should make a bug shadow box or some such yucky project, today we were just looking. We went walking through the woods and found all sorts of strange and unusual things (unfortunately I left my camera at the house, so no pictures!) from Hercules beetles to praying mantises to centipedes. All different types of ants and termites, and good gracious at all the different beetles and kinds of spiders! Who knew there was so many types of creatures living in our backyard?!? (well, I had an idea, but knowing the numbers is A LOT different from seeing them crawling, creeping, and stalking around in all their numerous glory!)

Their favorite thing that they found were snails. They found several, but the one they tortured (lol) the most was a big fat juicy one about as long as my index finger. They LOVED putting it on the table to watch it slide across it, but now I have great slimy snail trails across the glass table outside! (LOL)

Then I called an auto salvage place to come buy my old van. I was absolutely SICK of it sitting in my driveway so I sold it! Josh was so shocked when he got home, but he was pleased with it after I reassured him I didn't sell it to them for $50 or something! LOL

And on that note, I would also like to ask for everyone to pray for my friend's little boy, Josiah. He has Hurler's Syndrome, and had to travel with his whole family to Minnesota from Tennessee to get a bone marrow transplant, chemo, and a bunch of other tests and treatments for the condition. Luckily, his twin brother was a match for the bone marrow so he didn't have to wait for a donor. He's in the home stretch now, and has been told that he should be able to go home early, (they've been there for 85 days and should be able to go home on Monday, instead of staying for 100 days, so he's actually been doing really good!) but his mommy got a call that one of his x-rays showed he had some fluid building around his heart. So, if you think about it, say a little prayer for him! (You can read about his journal at their blog Josiah's Journey)

Have a great evening, all!

Some little known tidbits...

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Since I LOVE me some blog parties, and i LOVE me some At the Well, it stands to reason that when At the Well is having a little mini blog party, with a Starbucks gift card up as a give-away, i would have to join in!

So, let me tell you some little known facts about me... in the interest of getting to know every one better!

  • I am 12, yes twelve, years younger than my closest sibling!
  • I have been an aunt since I was 2 1/2 years old!
  • I am short! I'm 4' 11" tall (although if you ask me in person, I will automatically tell you I am 5'! That inch matters!) and I am married to a tall man (he's a little over 6'!)
  • My brother calls me Residue... get it? Desiree in pig latin! LOL
  • Every year for Christmas, some member of my family, usually my brother again, gives me a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • I read, a lot. Which is ok because I'm a fast reader.
  • I love coffee, and have a coffee collection! I keep different flavors and blends of coffee from all different brands and studied and studied until I can make almost every drink that Starbucks offers! And some of them, if I do say so myself, are yummier with my little additions. ;)
  • My all-time favorite coffee drink is an iced white chocolate mocha!
  • I think my neighborhood is too populated... and I live on a dead end road in the middle of no-where with 4 neighbors.
  • I have enough Native American blood in me to be a registered Native American, although I'm not, and don't particularly want to be, although the offer has been made several times.
  • I can trace my patrimonial genealogy on my father's side all the way back to the first French immigrants to America in 1781. And I know the story of why and how they came to America, who they were, where they came from, and what happened after they got here.
  • I can trace my patrimonial genealogy on my mother's side almost back to the Middle Ages in Ireland. I know my family crest, their history and story, and how they fought to resist having to immigrate until my grandfather was a 4 year old boy and his father's farm was sowed with salt and they had almost no choice in the early 1930's!
  • I am a quiet person by nature. I am one of those types who will talk your ear off if the need arises, but mainly prefer to listen. It's not shyness, trust me!, I just prefer to have something useful to say before I say anything!
  • Our family hobby is professional wrestling! LOL. (Before you go insane and click away, yes we know it's scripted! Yes, there are inappropriate topics,etc on there. But I've known pro wrestlers, personally, all my life and we all love it! There is good in the midst as well... Regan, as young as she is has said, "John Cena never gave up on his dream even though the doctors told him he wouldn't be able to wrestle anymore- I'm not giving up on mine because mine they said I can't! I'm gonna be a dancer, whether the doctors think I can or NOT!" How could I argue with that?!?)
  • When I was a teenager, I was the only girl on our regional soccer team. And I played Goalie!
  • Last year, everyone I knew said that my yard would never produce use-able or pretty plants. Last year, I planted one crop of 10 plants apiece green beans and one of wax beansevery day! and had enough to give away, after we'd eaten our fill
  • I decorate in the same colors I dress in: greens, blues, reds and browns.
  • I LOVE my apron and wear it every chance I get.
  • I don't cut my hair.
  • I believe that history is fascinating and always should be.
  • I believe that science is amazing, and always should amaze you.
  • When i was in high school (homeschooled) I went on several field trips with the John MacCain (from the Creation Research institute!)
  • I don't like noise making, beeping, clanking, automated toys and they loose their batteries very quickly when someone gives them to my kids.
  • I think kids should use their imaginations more than the prescribed operation of those toys. I've seen children that don't know how to play anything other than "McDonald's" without toys and I think it's heart-breaking! My kids have been kings and queens, scientists, cowboys, Indians, pirates, race-car drivers, emperors, genies, moms and dads, explorers, presidents, doctors, news casters, rock stars, dinosaurs, monsters, Egyptians, and airplanes (to name but a few) and that's how I think it should be!
  • I LOVE Monopoly. I have not lost a game of Monopoly in over 10 years! It's my favorite game!
  • I am very crafty, I can do anything besides tatting, which I've never learned to do.
How's that for learning a few things about me? LOL. I can't wait to read what everyone else has written!

Pageants, Tornados, and Happy Tears!

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I forgot just how much I love Monday mornings! That sounds incredibly strange doesn't it? LOL!

But I love the opportunity to sit and reflect on everything that happened this weekend.

I had planned on going to the Louisville Nature Center this weekend for their Earth Day celebration, but then, luckily, I was reminded that my niece Krista had a beauty pageant so we quickly changed our plans so we could go cheer for her!

I, personally, am not a big fan of pageants, but I love my nieces and would NEVER tell them that! LOL. BJ and I tease each other all the time... I tell her "I wouldn't ever want to be a pageant mom" and she tells me "At least I'm not a soccer and cheerleading mom!" hehe. It's all in good fun though, because I'm at every pageant and she's at every game!

Then Saturday night, we had some scary weather! We were up late from our naps and Josh and I were taking pizza out of the oven, when my computer started thundering. I have this program that does that every time there's severe weather. So I checked it, and there was a tornado warning for ... pretty much the next road over from our house! They said the tornado would be there within ten minutes!

We live at the top of a hill and DON'T have a storm shelter, although Josh keeps promising me to build one. We jumped in the van and drove to the sheriff's department, which is one of the strongest buildings around, to wait out the storm. It was SO SCARY!

Luckily, the tornado was just an EF0... which means it only damaged some trees and roof-tops and other slight damage. *sigh* I don't think any tornado is less scary although I am glad there wasn't that much damage. We were lucky too, because our power comes from 'down the hill' instead of 'on the hill' and we didn't even lose electricity when it went through.

Then on Sunday...

Josh finally went to church with me! I told him I didn't care WHERE we went, as long as we WENT as a family. And so, on Sunday morning, he got up, reluctantly, and got dressed and we went to a church a few miles down the road that I'd never been to.

You could tell that he was so nervous, but the people stepped up and really made him feel welcome. An usher came by and introduced himself and asked Josh and I if we were saved. Josh told him he was having trouble with his faith (after the murder of Jessica, and the deaths of so many friends and loved ones we had at the end of last year) and the usher prayed for him and told him that he would still be praying for him during the message and if he needed anything to just come and find him.

The pastor stepped up and started talking. He was great, and the message was awesome. He spoke on living in depression and how the bible teaches us to live each day as though it was the day when Christ would come back, because one day will be that day. As soon as he was finished, the usher came rushing over and said to Josh, "Brother, that message was just for you, wasn't it?"

Josh broke down and said "Yes. It was."

He walked with Josh to the alter, and almost all the men in the church went to pray with him and encourage him. When he came back to the seat, he was smiling like I haven't seen in smile in a long time! We stayed and visited for a little while and on the way home, Josh told me he had rededicated him life to Christ with a big smile on his face.

When we got home, he even thanked me for forcing him to go because he was planning on going and using the bad experience as an excuse to not go back! But he said he wants to go on Wednesday and promised the children we ALL could go back on Sunday.

Praise God, I am still crying... I'm so happy! I had been praying all night Saturday and all morning that God would lead us to a church with a message that Josh would hear... he certainly did!

“Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28)

A Trip to the Dentist and Notebooking Days 2 & 3

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Yesterday, we went to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee...

While we were there, we went to the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville (which is the capital of Tennessee, you know).

The kids loved the exhibits and took a real interest in them, especially in the First Tennessean section.

We were a sight to see in ourselves, among all the business people out and about!

Josh actually let me a take a picture of him!

This morning, Elijah and Forrest had a dentist appointment. Elijah's been complaining that his tooth is hurting so off we went! He was all clear though! No cavities! The dentist said he was cutting his last 'first' molars and they were probably making his gums achy!

Forrest has to see the dentist more regularly than the other kids because of his two dead teeth... but he was all clear again! No further decay in this front teeth and no cavities to be found!

They LOVE the dentist because they always they make out like bandits if they are well behaved!

Now, onto NOTEBOOKING, which is Harmony's new favorite part of school!

We made a page about Nashville, which is the capital, you know. :)

(All I've heard the last two days is "You know, Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, you know Mommy!" LOL)

And we learned what "state" means!

And we made a page about the Tennessee State Museum (Which is in the CAPITAL, you know? LOL)

It says " My favorite exhibit was 'the fire that was not real'. My favorite item was 'the people'. Some thing I learned is 'about the people that hunted mammoth' "

And that's our trip to Nashville and the dentist (which isn't in Nashville).

...which is the CAPITAL of Tennessee, you know!

Why I love homeschooling... and our first attempt at notebooking!

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When else do you get to experience God's creation like this with your kids, and NOT feel guilty about quizzing them on types of rocks, and trees, and wildflowers?

We are starting a unit study on Tennessee, that I actually made up myself (and will have to research right alongside Harmony to learn some of the facts in my very ambitious outline!) from an idea I got from EasyFunSchool.

I love where we live, and the kids are constantly asking questions about the state so I thought it would be fun, even though I didn't do a state study until I was in 6th grade... if they are curious, we should satisfy that curiosity, right?

I mean, what better way to learn about native fish then trying to catch them? LOL

Or to learn about wildflowers then by finding them in the wild?

I also wanted to find a way to make what they're learning stick and decided to try notebooking for the first time.

I set my budding, six year old, photographer loose with my camera (eeekkkk!) and the instructions to take pictures of what Tennessee meant to her for her front page.

This is what she came up with, at home and decorated of course, although she took both of these pictures and about 200 more... she said these were her favorites.

(I did the writing on this page, and wrote what she wanted me to.)

Then I told her to pick her two favorite pictures from our trip to the waterfall this morning, and write something about it (I supplied the lines).

Here's what she made.

It says "The water at the water fall was amasing. I had fun. April 21, 2010"

So how are we doing with the notebooking so far?

My Harmony

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Oh, my sweet and wonderful Harmony.

My kind, caring, loving, helpful, smart, funny, imaginative, carefree, intelligent, capable, beautiful first child and oldest daughter. My adorable baby girl, who is growing up much too fast and is quick enough on the uptake to take on her momma and figure out my tricks and techniques carefully designed to outwit a very witty six year old.

My child you have inherited genes from some of the most stubborn, hard-headed, and willful people this world has ever known.

How I try to teach you right from wrong, and the attitudes and mind-sets that will set you far ahead of anything your father and I have ever dreamed of; how I hope that you inherit our good qualities without being subject to our bad ones that we struggle to overcome.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of you every moment of your life.

How my heart soars when you master a new skill. How I cherish your every smile and silly song. How I relish your help, and your ability to rise to the occasion when someone's hurting or sad.

In the same way, I can't tell you how much it hurts me to discipline you.

How I wish I could take all your sadness and tears away and never make anything but a smile appear on that lovely face. I wish you would understand that every action has a consequence, whether it be good or bad, in this world or the next.

Daughter of my heart, please listen to me.

I don't expect more of you because you are the oldest or because you are a girl... I expect more of you because I have more to teach you. I can't teach your brothers to provide for a family, to lead and to support. I can't teach your brothers to be feminine and helpful, to run a household like a woman can.

But I can teach you, my sweet, sweet little girl.

The same attitudes and actions that you struggle with are the ones when harnessed and controlled are the ones that will some day make you the wonderful woman that I know you will be:

Your innate sense of fairness, that shows itself in how you struggle against anger when you perceived to be wronged will one day guide your hand in protecting those who've been wronged.

My child, you must learn that life is not always fair before you can understand enough change it as much as you can.

Your over-protectiveness of your 'babies' and things will one day help you learn how to care for the precious items you will be in charge of in your own home.

But, my baby, you must learn that things are temporal, and never last, before you can truly appreciate their value.

Your strong emotions will one day lead you to love your husband and children fiercely, and help you be a better wife and mother in the lives that will some day intertwine with your own.

My sweetie, you must learn that emotions must be controlled before you can truly feel them.

My child, I will do my very best to raise you in the way you should be raised.

I will not promise to get you everything you want, because I won't. I will not promise you that you will never be disciplined for behaviors that require chastisements, because I will. I won't promise you that I'll make your life easy enough to skate through, because I won't.

But, my darling, there is so much wonder in this world I want to share with you.

I will promise you that I will try and teach you the things you need to know, both academically and socially, that you will be able to succeed in whatever path God has laid out for you. I will promise you that I will always be there for you, to guide you and talk to you, and love you. I will promise you that I will equip you to lead a life of servitude, servitude to the Almighty who entrusted me with such a wonderful soul such as yours.

Sometimes the road is hard, but the reward is worth it.

I will try to not fail you, my love.

I don't have a thing to do... and I'm glad!!

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When I woke up this morning, I experienced something strange, and I almost couldn't wrap my mind around it. I have no pressing issues, nothing urgent that needs to be, and absolutely no plans for this week or weekend except to get the grass cut, clean the girl's bedroom, and go watch my 'new' niece's pageant this weekend. Seriously?


And I think that I am kind of glad.

You see, this weekend heralded the long anticipated wedding of my darling sister in law, and in all honesty, my best friend, Bj! And it truly was an all weekend affair!

I think I left off with the events of Wednesday, didn't I? Where my van was being towed off, and I was feeling very sad.

On Thursday, BJ picked me up in the afternoon around 3 (shortly after my van was towed to the mechanics!) and we drove to Madison (right outside of Nashville) to get every last bit of the shopping finished for the wedding. We picked up her dress at David's bridal, picked up the best man's tux at Men's Warehouse, and drove to Rivergate mall to buy little Kelley a dress. We stopped at Wally World on our way back home and bought the remainder of drinks, undergarments (or fat suckers, as we call them LOL), some ribbon, and foam board for signs for the wedding.

We even made it home before dark!

After my kiddos were in bed, I dragged out my Cricut and made the signs that would hopefully keep people from walking through her wedding area, since the actual ceremony was going to be on an intersection of the local walking track. I only got one picture, before it was glued down!, but I make one in blue and pink, and one in black and pink as well. :)


On Friday, Josh stayed home from work because he "loves his baby sister, and didn't want her to go insane having to try and finish up all the detail without me to calm her down!" LOL

Jamie, the middle child of the family (:D) arrived from Florida, and the three of us went to get our nails and toes done.

Dale was off getting details of his stores wrapped up so he could take the day off, and so we brought little Kelley with us. She was a dream baby, as usual (lucky B) and oh-so-cute!

It's been forever since I had my nails done, and even longer since I've gotten a pedi so I was thrilled, of course! I would've taken a better picture of my feet, where they don't look all funky but Josh thought I was insane for taking a picture of my feet (which I didn't do until yesterday) and was shaking me! LOL so you have to deal with a funky feet picture!

They did a good job at the salon, but it took so long it was basically time for the rehearsal when we were finished! Josh called just in the nick of time and told me that the van was ready and I could go pick it up from the mechanics! So BJ and Jamie dropped me off and ran in one direction and I paid for the repairs (a cam sensor! How crazy is that?!?) and took off in a hurry in the other!

I went and picked up my three big kids, and my mother in law, and we all dashed to the park for the rehearsal.

After rehearsal, we ran to the welcome center to set up for the reception and I ended up walking a very tired and cranky Kelley while BJ dashed about for a while. (Can you tell how much I minded? LOL )

Then we were all supposed to be going home, but when I went to pick the rest of our stuff that I'd forgotten at B's, she gave me a few last minute errands to run, and my mother in law decided I was too tired and too busy to cook and ordered pizza from Dale's pizzeria. (BLESS HER!)

We finally got home around 7 and shoveled some food into our stomachs, and I went to pick up a car that I was borrowing to get Robbie (my MIL) and me to the hair and make up in the morning.

When I came home, I finished working on the songs for the wedding and discovered I was out of CD-RW's! By that time, however it was after 2 am and I was exhausted so it had to wait until the morning!

*I know how horrible this is; but the wedding day itself will have to wait until I get some pictures from the photographer! It's another whole long blog in itself! LOL. Needless to say, by the end of the day, when we all finally got home, the kids went to sleep at 6:30, and I fell asleep in a chair about an hour later!*

On Sunday, we decided to take the day to ourselves, to just rest and recuperate as a family.

We went and visited a little while at Josh's grandmothers house to see Jamie and Nick off.

This is Josh and Jude and Gracelyn, who's Nick and Jamie's baby. Jude and Gracelyn share a birthday, only one year apart! Isn't that neat?

We set out on our own after they left, and drove around our favorite back roads...

We ate lots and lots of ice cream!

And played at the park until it was almost dark!

We capped the day off with a trip to the drive-in movies and chuck wagon sandwiches (YUMMY!)

So, now do you see why it felt strange to wake up this morning without a single thing that I had to do? LOL

I'm Sad and Here's Why.

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We started out this morning by going to the County Clerk's office to get a tag for our new (to us) van. However, they raised taxes and wanted $200 and Josh had only given me $100... so it was pretty much a wasted trip.

Then we went by Bj's house to visit with her for a few minutes. We caught her just getting out of the shower. :)

Then the kids jumped up to play with Kelley's exer-saucer... they had a blast and Kelley thought they were crazy!

Jude discovered he had pockets!

Then we went outside and the kids decided to climb a tree!

And Harmony brought me flowers.

Then we went to Nana's and Grandpa's and took a walk in the field.

Then we went to Wal-Mart... and the van died in the parking lot. Seriously.

So we decided while we waited on Josh, we decided to get Forrest a hair cut for BJ's wedding.

I laughed was laughing so hard because he was totally engrossed in watching himself in the mirror!

But at least he looks like a little boy and not a feral child.

So, since the van was broken down, Pa and Dale (my step-dad) came out and gave us a ride home and the children occupied themselves jumping on the trampoline while we waited for Josh to get back with the van.

And this is what I'm watching right now... and that's why I'm sad. :(

My Very Busy Weekend

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I've been wanting to post a blog the last couple of days but I've not had time. I'm not sure that I have time right now, but I'm so tired that if I don't do it while I am thinking about it, I won't get it done!

So, Friday, we spent most of the day playing on the trampoline! The kids love it so much that they will stay on there for hours on end, so l just decided to climb on up with them and get some pictures!

And I discovered my pink honeysuckles are already blooming! I know that I should probably pinch the flowers, but I just can't make myself!

On Saturday, I went to BJ's bachelorette party. That's BJ, Danny, and me! LOL-yes my big brother went to a bachelorette party!! :) We went out to a local grill/restaurant/ bar/ grill/ karaoke club (It's a small town! LOL) and spent most of the night picking on BJ and playing pool.

Sunday, we spent at home since I've been gone so much doing wedding stuff and Josh is working the extra jobs. In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping, and although I came home starting to feel sick, I had the bestest helper in the whole world to help put up groceries! He was so funny, he just put EVERYTHING in the fridge in neat little stacks, and he got mad at me when I wouldn't let him put my hair products in there too!

Then, unfortuantly, i spent last night awake and sick on my stomach. I finally managed to doze off around 4:30 this morning and then woke up when Josh moved me to the couch so the kids would wake me up when they woke up... which was only about 20 minutes later... so I've had no energy at all today, although my stomach is much better this afternoon.

Then, today I felt yucky... I picked up a virus somewhere or something :(. But since my darling is home, he's been taking the brunt off of me, and I decided to make him a special treat I've been planning! Don't they look yummy? (They're crawfish for those of you who don't know!) They are simmering on the stove with a very special blend of spices and I'm making spinach and cheese tortellini to go with them. :)

Well, now you're all caught up! :)


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Say not ye,
There are four months, and then cometh the harvest?
behold, I say unto you,
Lift up your eyes and look on the fields;
for they are white already to harvest.
John 4:35

So much of our lives we are told to wait; wait for supper, wait for the weekend, wait until tomorrow, wait until later. It seems we virtually spend out lives waiting for something that truly never gets here.

I had a conversation a few days ago that really got me thinking... well, you'll see.

I was with a dear friend of mine and we were discussing how unprepared she feels that her teenage step-daughter is for life as an adult, or even life as a high-school student. My friend pointed out that people spend their entire lives preparing (
and waiting) for the next stage of life:

When you are an infant, you are preparing to be a toddler.

When you are a toddler, you are preparing to be a child.

When you are a child, you are preparing to be a teenager.

When you are an teenager, you are preparing for college.

When you're in college, you are preparing to be an adult.

When you're an adult, you are preparing to be a parent.

When you are a parent, you are preparing to be a grandparent.

When you are a grandparent, you are preparing to leave this world.

It's true, isn't it?

As a homeschooling mom who sees her children through each stage of life, I feel it every day. I am constantly preparing, I am constantly
waiting for the next event, the next bedtime, the next morning, the next meal, the next day, the next week, the next year and the here and now gets lost in the mix.

It's sad. In all my waiting, I forget one very important thing:

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about its own things.
Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Matthew 6:33-34

We cannot spend our entire lives waiting on the next thing. Should we be prepared? Absolutely. Should we be so over-prepared that whatever eventuality happens we can cover? Maybe, or maybe not. Should so much of our energy go into preparing for tomorrow (or the day after, or the day after that, or the day after that) that we don't have time for what's happening today? Absolutely not!

There must be the time that we stop preparing, that we stop waiting for what is about to happen and focus our energy on what is happening, here, right now. We have to take the time to
not rush our babies into children or our children into adults because our time at each stage of life goes by so quickly.

Yesterday, I told my husband's grandmother I could never envision Harmony big enough to wear a size 2t clothes and today she's far beyond that. Just like that
snap my baby is a child.

Last night, I spent awake cuddling my sweet, milky Jude all night and today, he's stubbornly insisting he's too big for diapers and crawling onto the potty himself, against the protests of his clueless mommy that he's just a baby still- he has plenty of time before he has to potty train later.

I don't want to wake up tomorrow and have grandchildren at my feet. I know that I will, all parents do. But at least for
today I can be here, I can love this moment, I can live in the now and stop waiting for what I've already prepared for.

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I think Lynette enjoyed hiding this weeks Simplifying for Sanity! lol. I, of course, have a post, mainly because I realized while talking to my BJ yesterday that I love to clean and I love to blog and I love to share pictures! So this is just three of my favorite things put together! LOL.

So this weeks official area is a utility or storage room. I don't have a utility room (my washer and dryer are in an alcove off the hallway) and I am not even daring to work on our storage room yet, it's way scary there's so much stuff that needs to be sold from our down-grade from a 2500 sq ft house when we bought this property (which the house is only pushing 1800sq ft), but the bathroom I can do. And since I've spent the last couple of days helping BJ wrap up things for her wedding, my poor bathroom has been neglected!

Ok, so here are the before pictures: (Which I am almost comfortable with showing you because it doesn't usually look like this and because it doesn't look like this now!)

There was even stuff in the bathtub!


The dirty clothes were piled beside the sink:


The sink was a mess:


And we won't even talk about the toilet!


BUT (drum roll please!) here I came to save the day!

Now my bathroom is pretty again!

My sink is pretty and clean and sparkles again!


The shower curtain is back up (lol) and the tub is cleaned out:


Apparently I didn't take another picture of the toliet, but you can at least see that the soda can is gone! I promise it's clean!! LOL


And I also want to update you on my first Simplifing project: My bedroom!

I got a new bedset that matches the walls a bit better: (and no nit-picking about the bare bulb- I knew i forgot something at the store yesterday!LOL)


I also got a couple of pretty candle holders and finally put up the pictures I've been wanting to:


So, that's my Simplify for Sanity for this week!
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