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Since I LOVE me some blog parties, and i LOVE me some At the Well, it stands to reason that when At the Well is having a little mini blog party, with a Starbucks gift card up as a give-away, i would have to join in!

So, let me tell you some little known facts about me... in the interest of getting to know every one better!

  • I am 12, yes twelve, years younger than my closest sibling!
  • I have been an aunt since I was 2 1/2 years old!
  • I am short! I'm 4' 11" tall (although if you ask me in person, I will automatically tell you I am 5'! That inch matters!) and I am married to a tall man (he's a little over 6'!)
  • My brother calls me Residue... get it? Desiree in pig latin! LOL
  • Every year for Christmas, some member of my family, usually my brother again, gives me a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • I read, a lot. Which is ok because I'm a fast reader.
  • I love coffee, and have a coffee collection! I keep different flavors and blends of coffee from all different brands and studied and studied until I can make almost every drink that Starbucks offers! And some of them, if I do say so myself, are yummier with my little additions. ;)
  • My all-time favorite coffee drink is an iced white chocolate mocha!
  • I think my neighborhood is too populated... and I live on a dead end road in the middle of no-where with 4 neighbors.
  • I have enough Native American blood in me to be a registered Native American, although I'm not, and don't particularly want to be, although the offer has been made several times.
  • I can trace my patrimonial genealogy on my father's side all the way back to the first French immigrants to America in 1781. And I know the story of why and how they came to America, who they were, where they came from, and what happened after they got here.
  • I can trace my patrimonial genealogy on my mother's side almost back to the Middle Ages in Ireland. I know my family crest, their history and story, and how they fought to resist having to immigrate until my grandfather was a 4 year old boy and his father's farm was sowed with salt and they had almost no choice in the early 1930's!
  • I am a quiet person by nature. I am one of those types who will talk your ear off if the need arises, but mainly prefer to listen. It's not shyness, trust me!, I just prefer to have something useful to say before I say anything!
  • Our family hobby is professional wrestling! LOL. (Before you go insane and click away, yes we know it's scripted! Yes, there are inappropriate topics,etc on there. But I've known pro wrestlers, personally, all my life and we all love it! There is good in the midst as well... Regan, as young as she is has said, "John Cena never gave up on his dream even though the doctors told him he wouldn't be able to wrestle anymore- I'm not giving up on mine because mine they said I can't! I'm gonna be a dancer, whether the doctors think I can or NOT!" How could I argue with that?!?)
  • When I was a teenager, I was the only girl on our regional soccer team. And I played Goalie!
  • Last year, everyone I knew said that my yard would never produce use-able or pretty plants. Last year, I planted one crop of 10 plants apiece green beans and one of wax beansevery day! and had enough to give away, after we'd eaten our fill
  • I decorate in the same colors I dress in: greens, blues, reds and browns.
  • I LOVE my apron and wear it every chance I get.
  • I don't cut my hair.
  • I believe that history is fascinating and always should be.
  • I believe that science is amazing, and always should amaze you.
  • When i was in high school (homeschooled) I went on several field trips with the John MacCain (from the Creation Research institute!)
  • I don't like noise making, beeping, clanking, automated toys and they loose their batteries very quickly when someone gives them to my kids.
  • I think kids should use their imaginations more than the prescribed operation of those toys. I've seen children that don't know how to play anything other than "McDonald's" without toys and I think it's heart-breaking! My kids have been kings and queens, scientists, cowboys, Indians, pirates, race-car drivers, emperors, genies, moms and dads, explorers, presidents, doctors, news casters, rock stars, dinosaurs, monsters, Egyptians, and airplanes (to name but a few) and that's how I think it should be!
  • I LOVE Monopoly. I have not lost a game of Monopoly in over 10 years! It's my favorite game!
  • I am very crafty, I can do anything besides tatting, which I've never learned to do.
How's that for learning a few things about me? LOL. I can't wait to read what everyone else has written!


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