A Trip to the Dentist and Notebooking Days 2 & 3

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Yesterday, we went to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee...

While we were there, we went to the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville (which is the capital of Tennessee, you know).

The kids loved the exhibits and took a real interest in them, especially in the First Tennessean section.

We were a sight to see in ourselves, among all the business people out and about!

Josh actually let me a take a picture of him!

This morning, Elijah and Forrest had a dentist appointment. Elijah's been complaining that his tooth is hurting so off we went! He was all clear though! No cavities! The dentist said he was cutting his last 'first' molars and they were probably making his gums achy!

Forrest has to see the dentist more regularly than the other kids because of his two dead teeth... but he was all clear again! No further decay in this front teeth and no cavities to be found!

They LOVE the dentist because they always they make out like bandits if they are well behaved!

Now, onto NOTEBOOKING, which is Harmony's new favorite part of school!

We made a page about Nashville, which is the capital, you know. :)

(All I've heard the last two days is "You know, Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, you know Mommy!" LOL)

And we learned what "state" means!

And we made a page about the Tennessee State Museum (Which is in the CAPITAL, you know? LOL)

It says " My favorite exhibit was 'the fire that was not real'. My favorite item was 'the people'. Some thing I learned is 'about the people that hunted mammoth' "

And that's our trip to Nashville and the dentist (which isn't in Nashville).

...which is the CAPITAL of Tennessee, you know!


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