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When I was growing up, I never even thought about childrens names. Seriously, even though the majority of my friends already had a boys and a girls name picked out, and several have used those names they picked in their teenage years, I just didn't care.

So whenever we got pregnant the first time, Josh was at basic training (when we found out) and I finally had to start thinking about names. I've always loved J-names. Jonathan, James, Joseph, Joshua...go figure, right? I married one! Jennifer, Jessa, Janna... so those were the names I gravitated to.

Of course, Josh didn't like any of them. And still doesn't. But here's how we picked the names:

Harmony Michelle- I told how we picked Harmony here and Michelle is the middle name of a dear friend of mine, who I always wanted and still want Harmony to grow up and be like.

Forrest Nathanael- I actually loved the name Forrest, even after the movie came out and it was so associated with it. I didn't care. Forrest means kingly or stately and it suited our first son. Nathanael, of course, means walks with God... good, strong name, right?

Regan Elise- Regan is Gaelic for queen (and we went through a very brief period where we were gonna give Forrest the name Ray some where because it means king, but we changed our minds!) so since we both have Irish blood in us, it seemed suitable. Elise is a French version of my mothers Spanish name, Alecia (which of course is Alice in Spanish!)

Elijah Liam- originally, Elijah was going to be Gabe's middle name, but we decided against it. Elijah was, of course, a major prophet, and some texts refer to him as the silent prophet, which suits Jah to a T. He is actually the only one of my children who is dark haired, skinned, and eyed, plus he's quiet and subdued and only speaks when he has something to say so the name suits him well... a friend of mine actually picked out Liam (Gaelic for protection).

Gabriel Levi- Oh my goodness, WHY would we name a child after the "Voice of God"? Gabriel is loud and pale... but the name came from my MIL who thought he would need a voice in the midst of all of our children. (And boy, does he have one!!) Levi is the name Josh picked out and it means United, although he picked it out because his middle name is Lee. LOL

Jude Connor- Josh picked Jude's name, although we didn't decide for sure until the administrator was asking to fill out his birth certificate! I've always loved J-names like I said, and Josh picked out Connor because it sounds good with Jude!

So that's how we picked out names! If Jude had been a girl, or if we have another girl, I am almost set on Charlotte Ruth (although knowing us, that will change a dozen times before we actually have another girl!) and Josh says if we have another boy, his name will be Noah... I think he said Noah Samuel, but I am not 100% positive on that one! :)


Jenilee said...

Just popping over from Lynnette's. I saw your comment about sparkpeople. I've never heard of it! I took a look. thanks for the link! :)

and cute names!!! :)

Celee said...

If we have a girl this time, she'll be Charlotte. My FIL is the only member of our family that doesn't have a child named after him and his name is Charles. We held out for another boy last time, but don't think we'll press our luck again. The name has had to grow on me, but now I love it. If we have a boy, it will probably be Charles Calvin. We find out Thursday.

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