I'm Baaackkk! Catching up on painting, graduations, and teeth!

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OK, at least for a little while :) I thought I'd drop in tonight and share some of what we've been up to in this neck of the woods the last couple of weeks.

BJ and I spent two very hectic and exhausting weeks designing and building the set for my Harmony's graduation. This is a (rather bad) picture of the final product. I tried to take a panoramic picture but didn't have anything to steady my hands, so it didn't turn out the best in the world. :) It has Jeremiah 29:11 on it, which was their theme verse.

B and I got flowers for making it and a sweet card.

Then came my family from out of state for the graduation. My dad took Harmony out shopping and bought her a new bike as a graduation gift (and bought Gabe and Elijah one as a late birthday present!)

She had to dress up as what she wanted to be when she grows up; and she wanted to be a princess! So we got her all dolled up and bought her a princess dress, and tiara, and shoes, and a petticoat (how cool is that?) and jewelry, etc, etc!

She did very well; they had to sing several songs and repeat several little poems and such. But she looked so cute in her cap and gown!

And she received her kindergarten diploma with the poise of a princess. You notice she doing a curtsy while receiving it right? She planned that for days in advance because 'that's how princesses say Thank You!'

Then we went out to the restaurant of her choice: China Buffet. She got to eat her first sushimi and about five ice cream cones!

The next day, Saturday, we all went to the park to celebrate and ride the new bikes!

Then, tonight, Harmony 'became a
real big kid' and lost her first tooth!

And so, I've had enough growing up milestones to last me a while!! I don't know whether to be happy about her (and them... did I mention that Jude has decided he HAS to be potty trained and has gone two evenings in a row without a diaper?) or to be sad because their getting so big!


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