My baby's got an ear infection! :(

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My poor little Jude Connor has an ear infection, but not the way you'd think...

He was bitten on the ear by a tick the other day while visiting his Nana's house, and although we got the entire tick out, his poor little ear doesn't seem to realize that. Yesterday afternoon it was all swollen and purple. He was up at 3 in the morning on Monday with it aching, and he just won't stop picking at it so I pledged that if it wasn't better by today we were off to see the doctor.

It wasn't better.

So this afternoon, after Regan literally tried to set the house on fire (LOL don't ask! I promise: it's a LONG story!) and we were sure it was out with minimal damage to any and all personal property, we set off to try and make it to his doctor. We had to drive through several areas where the flood water hasn't receded and through lots and lots of debris, but we did make it and they did work him in.

And the diagnosis? He doesn't have lyme disease or any other scary, yucky thing that results from tick bites, it's just gotten infected from where he won't leave it alone. The doctor prescribed the first round of antibiotics for 10 days Jude's ever taken and told me if it gets any worse and not better to bring him directly back.


But so far, Jude feels better... (especially since while we were waiting on them to fill the prescription he got to buy a toy tiger and a toy horse and ran into his Uncle Dale who stood in the middle of the store and played with Jude's feet!) He's sleeping, finally, and hopefully the swelling will be down by tomorrow and it will stop aching him so much!


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