Show Us Your Life: Cleaning Tips!!

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Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Ok, I know I am a bad, bad blogger here lately (what with all my computer time being spent wrapping up details for the ABSOLUTELY AWESOME YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT Give-away and Raffle over at At the Well:In Pursuit of Titus 2) But while I do have a few minutes this evening, I thought I would do a Show Us Your Life post seeing how much I do love blog parties... even though I am late with it!

This week, everyone is sharing their cleaning tips.


Contrary to what you may believe from the past Monday's post about cleaning my horrific bedroom, the main parts of my home are usually clean.


No, seriously!

Stop laughing, I mean it!!

I'll even prove it to you! I'm gonna go take some pictures!

Ok. Besides the glare from the light (Sorry! I had to climb onto a chair to take a picture of the whole thing!) that is honestly what my kitchen looks like right this minute!

And part of the living room. (My husband politely -lol, not really- requested not to be in the picture, so I pointed the camera at the kids as he dodged out of the picture!) Yeah, sure there is a laundry basket sitting by my chair, but see how neat and clean the floor is?

BUT this blog isn't about proving to you that I do clean, but telling you a few of my tips for cleaning! So here they are:

TIP #1: Lots and Lots of Coffee!
(OK, Ok, I'm just
kidding! Sheesh! Don't be so serious!)

TIP #2: Always, ALWAYS wear good lace-up shoes!

The FlyLady says this is one of her most important rules, and when I worked as an at-home customer service Rep, and when I worked as a Mary Kay consultant, both companies STRESSED always getting dressed to your shoes. It puts your mind in the right frame to get up and MOVE! You're ready for anything, anytime, and you're comfortable while you do it! (
And YES, I was, and still am wearing my lace-up shoes and my pajamas at the same time! I put them on when I before my feet hit the floor in the morning and don't take them off until my head is hitting the pillow at night, except to bathe of course! Oh, and yeah, my socks don't match:P)

TIP #3: My Control Journal.

Now what does this have to do with cleaning? EVERYTHING! I write down anything I see that needs to be cleaned, so I don't have to think about it. Then when I'm cleaning, I just turn to my "Cleaning" tab and work my way down the list! It keeps me focused and it also keeps me from getting distracted and wasting time on things that didn't
have to be done! There are several websites that teach you how to build your very own control journal, but of course, I recommend The Flylady's!

TIP #4: Good Music and Good Audio-books.
Music has a magical way of getting your blood pumping! When you are listening to your favorite song, it's hard to sit in your chair and waste time; you want to get up and dance! So I get up and dance while I clean! I keep a variety of good audio-books and programs on there so I can listen while I work on the more tedious jobs!

TIP #5: Good, All Purpose Cleaners.
When I walk into the kitchen in the morning to get my first cup of coffee, I grab my spray bottle of Lysol 4-in-1 cleaner and a roll of paper towels and carry them with me pretty much where I go. I also have polish for the wood, Windex, and Dawn detergent. And that's it. That's all I buy! And they keep my house shiny, cut through the toughest stickiness the kids can deposit and none of them have really over-whelming smells that make me sick or aggravate the kids sensitive sinuses!

TIP #5: Get ya a good feather duster.
Whether you realize it or not, dust makes a house look, feel, smell, and seem dirty, even if it's really not! I use mine like ALL the time. I mean, come on! It's just fun! LOL. And it really doesn't take that long. I can dust all of our pictures and surfaces in the house in less than 10 minutes if I hurry!

TIP #6: Keep the shiny things clean!
I mean, the mirrors, the sinks, the faucets, the windows. When something is SHINY and the light's reflecting off of it, it helps make a room look clean, even if it's not perfectly clean! (Trust me on this one!) I keep one of these microfiber gloves in each bathroom and the kitchen because they are FANTASTIC for doing a quick swipe without any cleaner at all.

TIP #7: Make sure the essentials are handy!
(And no laughing about my Santa canister in my bathroom!) This, ah-hem, canister holds my microfiber cloth, Clorox wipes and my sink brush. The trash bags (this was in the bathroom) are right within arm's reach (we don't have a single cabinet in the bathroom to hide them in!) but not obtrusively so and the shampoo is the extra stuff that I don't use, therefore it gets delegated to a cleaning product!

TIP #8: Keep your toilet clean- ALL THE TIME!
It is SO gross going to a public restroom where there are streaks and stains and who know what else all around the toilet bowl, and I don't know about you- but I won't use them if they are yucky like that! So why should OUR toilets be any different?!? I don't even have a regular toliet brush anymore because I don't need it. I have this glass sponge that I keep in a vase that has that old, unused shampoo in it, and I swish the toilet several times a day. It keeps it clean and white (although I am sparing you the picture, but I can prove it if I have to!!) and since toliet bowl cleaners are nasty, stinky, poisonous things (which I won't keep in the house) and can only be used with caution, this is an awesome alternative, because I can swish the entire inside and outside of the toilet if need be! I change the water and soap once a day, and also I do disinfect the toilet in the mornings with 4-in-1 because I have little boys who aren't very good at aiming!

So that's that for now! I hope you can get something of use out of them, although I must reiterate that I am BY NO MEANS! an expert! LOL


Sharlyn said...

Just ran across your blog. Love the cleaning ideas. I'm a FlyLady fan myself. I have been pondering a good swisher setup. I like your idea. Maybe I'll adapt something similar.

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

I used to be a big FLYlady fan, but the more kiddos I had the more difficult her methods were to implement. However, lately I've been wondering if I could find a way to tweak them. (my life is all about tweaking these days! lol)

Great post!

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