A Truce! Finally!

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While I sit here at the computer I am listening to the sweetest music: my washing machine whirring away right outside my office door! And the dryer humming in tune. Sweet, sweet music! I just want to sing along!

It'd gotten bad. Not just bad, but
BAD. Like (since the boys are camping out in the girls room while we replace the flooring in their room and their room is next to the laundry area) we had so much dirty laundry in there that the entire floor was covered with baskets upon baskets full of stinky clothes, muddy socks, and blankets that had accidents on them. B.A.D. Bad.

Since our washer is so old and decrepit, none of the stores had the piece that we needed to fix it in stock, so we were (not-so) patiently waiting for them to order it and recieve it to get our laundry system up and running... but we were basically at the end of our rope!

I went searching through the piles upon piles of dirty clothing in the master bedroom last night, searching for a specific shirt to be able to wash by hand and wear to Nashville today, and guess what I found? The piece that we needed to fix the washer!

Right there! We had it all along! How frustrating!

Actually, it's not. I am just thrilled to have it up and running now! And although it's completely against my cleaning philosophy, I am on my fourth load of clothes for the day (and would be on a later number, but for the trip to David's Bridal this morning!) and I fully intend on staying up until I can't keep my eyes open washing and drying clothes!

YEA! I'm so happy! I get to get my house REALLY cleaned tonight! Whoo-Hoo!


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