New Pictures from Yesterday

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While we were running errands yesterday, specifically paying the water bill and buying our 500th plunger (because somehow, we can never find one when we need it!LOL) we decided to go and pay my mom a visit. She suggested we take some new pictures of the kiddos, and so, yes, we did arrange the flowers and have the kids pose (something that I am usually against!) but here are our newest pictures of my babies!

We ended up staying far later than I had planned, an before I was finished helping my step-father with his webpage, the children were bringing me their shoes and saying "OK Mom! We are ready to go now!

So we finally did. Once we got home, I cooked Spaghetti for supper, and Regan and I decided we were too exhausted to stay up one more minute! Everyone else was looking forward to the new episode of MythBusters, and decided to stay up. Apparently they didn't make it though, because my husband didn't come to bed until after 2am! They had all fallen asleep on the couch!

Now to see if I have time to catch up on the Creative Writing!


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