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I never understood the appeal of a slow-cooker... I mean what's the point when you actually like to cook anyway? But as the weather turns colder and the big old bear in me comes out, (You know, the one who wants to hibernate under the covers for the entire cold season?) I find myself desiring to heed the advice to just keep a pot of beans or something else healthy and filling in the crock all day so people can feed themselves when they're hungry. Then Mommy can huddle under her super-soft blankies on the couch while we school, read, and sleep away the cold weather.

The only problem being, of course, that I didn't own a crock pot.

In comes my wonderful husband, who -brace yourselves because i know you're going to be jealous!- has the sweetest tendency to suddenly show up with very useful items I've casually mentioned I would like to have.

(I'm not asking for them, I promise! It will just come up in conversation and I, not thinking, will say 'Oh I could use one of those!' or 'If I had one of these, this would be so much simpler!' and it always seems to appear in my darlings hands a few days later!)

Thus, a couple of weeks ago, an awesome, HUGE, automated crock-pot magically appeared on my kitchen counter!

And. I. LOVE. it.
It's the most AMAZING appliance EVER.

So, I figure the very least i can do is keep it full and steaming of yummy winter treats. Today's is red and black beans and rice with turkey sausage, onions, brown sugar, italian herbs. I'm going to have the girls make us some cornbread after Quiet Time to go with it.

(Did I ever mention the value of teaching your young daughters to cook your recipes? It's AMAZING. They actually BEG to cook... simply fantastic! I help with the hot parts but I don't see it being much longer before they take over my oven from me!)

Yummy. I think fall just got a little toastier around here. And I get to take a few more minutes relaxing in my PJ's :)

Sometime I'm going to have to tell you about my latest gift : A Shiny New Skill Saw!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I am glad you've come to the light with the crockpot. JK :P We use our crockpot dozens of times per week and especially for Shabbat when we can just put our meal for the next day in there.

Shabbat Shalom!

All Things Lovely said...

We would love for you to be a part of the growing community at dwellonlovely.com. Blessings! =)

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