A Trip to Mulkey Meetinghouse

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Yesterday, the children and I decided to make up for missing our co-op (where we have an awesome history lesson every week in old, historic buildings) and went to the Old Mulkey Meeting House.

We learned about how the church was formed... what life was like for those that attended, how the church was made, some about the Revolutionary War, and a little bit about Daniel Boone (and family) for good measure. We used maps and compasses to find our way around.

We took rubbings of the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers and talked about why the Revolutionary War happened.

We went on a 'History Quest'- a scavenger hunt that Kentucky designs for their state parks that helps children relate to the historic site.

Then, because we were all tired (and Jude was unbearably cranky) we played at the playground for a few minutes before we drove home and the children explained everything they learned (all at one time! LOL) to their daddy! :)


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