My List of 11 Reasons why it's awesome to have multiple kids

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OK, so it's been forever since I've blogged. I apologize. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to find time to go into what's been keeping me so busy... but for now- I feel inspired and I want to share!

I read a blog, posted by a facebook friend (that's a link to the company she has to raise awareness and funds for several conditions that affect children if you want to check it out), that was posted by another woman, based on the blog of this other woman, who happened to come across this article.

Following so far?

So if you don't have time or inclination to peruse all the links, here's the short version:

This woman had a bad, frustrating night out with her kids. She went home and wrote a snarky book entitled 40 Reasons for Not Having Children. And she has two children.

Poor things.

Then this other woman felt inspired to use Ms. Snarky's (not her real name obviously) 40 reasons to write her own 40 reason to HAVE children. They're pretty good, although a bit formal for my taste, but good nonetheless.

So this other woman decided to write a post on her 10 Reasons for Having Kids. Much more up my alley because she has a quirky sense of humor that I can especially appreciate.

Which led to this woman writing her 100 reasons for having kids (besides the fact that I absolutely love her blog- definitely a must read!) that are both cute, funny, sentimental, and refreshing.

And that woman inspired this woman (*me* Hi!) to do my own list! So I changed the topic/name a bit because I have very little experience with just one or two children at a time. Alright, here goes:

The Crunchy Mommy’s

List of Reasons to Have Multiple Children

(Please note that most of these reasons I’ve come up with in the last 10 minutes based on conversation(s) and experiences I’ve had with my own children! I decided to go a little out of the box here and give reasons why having more than a couple kids in great, since I can’t top the aforementioned lists!)

#1- You have can have your back scratched constantly, and your arm will never get tired!

As in “Mommy, scratch my back!” “No, Jude. Mommy’s washing dishes.” “Ga-gan, scratch my back” *The scratching commences* “Ninny, scratch my back” *round two* “Forrest, scratch my back.” (You get the idea)

#2- You’re area of expertise suddenly gets much wider.

Admit it, before kids you were really good at a couple of things. After kids, you are suddenly a short-order cook, a decorator, an emergency medical specialist, a professional potty trainer, a killer laundress (as in you know how to get blood, dirt, ketchup, mustard, grass stains and everything else out of that new white dress your daughter looks so adorable in), a coach of multiple sports, a teacher, a therapist, a construction worker, a policeman, an accountant, a party planner, etc. etc.

(So yeah, this one is an old reason, but since I just finished cooking lunch, doctoring an arm, untying a knot of beads the cat ‘somehow’ got tangled into, fixing a broken tap shoe, and reattaching a light fixture to the ceiling that ‘miraculously just fell’ I am feeling just a bit multi-functional right now!)

#3- Bodily functions and fluids don’t freak you out anymore.

You’ve been up to your eyeballs in all of them. Discussed them in great detail. Made up cute little songs about them. Examined them in great detail. Waited impatiently for them to happen. Seen, smelled, felt, and, unfortunately, tasted most of them. And you’ve come to conclusion that if your kid is going to get one of them on you, you prefer spit because it doesn’t have that nasty after smell… and you realize you’ve somehow become one of those parents.

(Be honest, now! We’ve all been there!)

#4- You can hear something happening that shouldn’t be from 500 yards away. Even if it’s not your kids, or kids in general, that’s doing it.

Nobody ever said that Mommy Radar was limited to catching children. Your neighbor’s dog is in the trash again? You can bet that you’ll hear the little ding go off in your head.

#5- You are suddenly the meanest, most ferocious momma bear EVER. And you completely overcome all the things you were scared of as a child, to protect your kids from them.

Yeah, it’s a good thing. Just ask your cubs when the mean ole spiders come along.

#6- You know when the bible says “Be still and know that I am God” ? You learn how to ‘be still’ and find a quiet place anywhere and anytime…

…even when you have a stove full of food, there are 5 other people talking, 6 trucks running under your feet, 2 people screaming, a tv blaring, a radio blasting, a tea pot whistling, a phone ringing, things clattering to the floor, and a toy cat that is somehow still meowing from the trash can 3 days after you threw it in the pool and fried the batteries.

#7- “Big Brothers/Sisters” love to change diapers so they can be like Mommy/Daddy. And they love to brush hair. And pick out clothes. And mop the floor. And wash laundry. And take out the trash. And answer the phone. And wash the car. They think it’s AWESOME.

‘Nough said.

#8- There’s always enough hands and feet.

For fixing a bloody head. For a ball game. For a board game. For a video game. For cleaning the house in a hurry. For toting all your stuff to the car. For carrying groceries in from the car. For a big ole bear hug. For planting a garden. For moving boxes. For cooking and serving dinner. For entertaining people. For everything.

#9- You learn how to be really, really, really quiet.

When there are three or four cranky pre-schoolers down for a nap, you learn how to walk, wash dishes, run the washer, watch those episodes of Chuck that you’ve missed because of dance class and karate and talk on the phone all without making a single sound.

#10- Your brain increases in size with each child you have.

Ok,ok. Probably not really. But there’s a reason that our parent’s generation says ‘If you want something done, and done right, ask a busy mom.’ We are the ultimate multi-taskers. We’re so good at multi-tasking that we don’t even realize we are multi-tasking. You learn to compartmentalize and still relate each and every different topic to the other and they seem to flow seamlessly. And people never understand how you accomplish it all, when to you, it doesn’t seem like it was a big deal.

#11- You know the difference between a 'I'm Dieing' shriek and an 'I think I'm dieing' shriek

And you know that if they have enough consciousness to think their dieing, they probably won't.

So... there it is. 11 of my favorite reasons for having more than one kid. I'm being a bit facetious so please don't send me mean emails telling me how horrible it all seems to you, because I enjoy my life, and I hope you enjoys yours too!


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