Yucky Winter Weather

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We are finally out of the 'winter weather warning' but I am afraid we are going to have several more days of this yucky winter weather after the storm! Josh came home yesterday after squeezing a couple of hours worth of work in before it started snowing with a story of a 16 car pile up on Interstate 40. Yuck Yuck Yuck! The wind is still howling like a banshee through the trees outside my window.. but i did take some cute pictures of the kids!

I was planning on going dress shopping with BJ again today. Only this time, for the dress- her wedding dress. She's like me and lives at the end of a dead-end road which is covered in between 5 and 8 inches of snow. But she sent her man out to check the main roads, because we would brave these back ones, and they were still nasty... the snow plows hadn't had their rounds yet, and the salt was basically useless

I salted our front porch, steps, and sidewalk twice yesterday to try and keep the snow and ice off of them, but it didn't work. I looked out the window this morning and there is almost 5 inches of snow piled up on the steps. Although it seems like the rest of the world is out playing; we aren't going out to play in the snow! (I personally really dislike snow and according to the weather, it feels like it's 17 degrees outside!!!) We will wait until it at least feels a bit warmer to go out and freeze our tootsies off!
In our house, we all spent the night watching the snow blow down through the picture windows, while it swirled fiercely around the trees and house. Some spots in our yard are almost bare, and other have snow piled up almost to my knees! Round about 10:00 last night, we built a huge tent in our living room out of extra sheets and a generous contribution from the crocheter in the family (ME!!lol) and we all went camping over night- snacking on pickles and ramen noodles and drinking way-too-sugary drinks while watching late night cartoons. I'm thankful in one way for the snow- at least we didn't get ice that would shut off the power! We heat our house with electricity... that would have been really bad trying to load up enough stuff in this mess to go and stay with family until the electricity was restored

And thanks to the snow, and yucky wind, my normally very active family is stuck inside on Saturday. We have no where to go and probably couldn't get there if we were to try and find somewhere to be. We've spent the day curled up on the couch or in the tent under blankets. The kids watching tv and drawing while I read 'People of the Mist' for the hundredth time, and put off washing dishes. I don't know what it is, probably some kind of biologically induced modified hibernation instinct, but none of us have very much energy today.

So, in lue of actual family activity (since I've sat down to blog all seven other members of my family have gone to sleep!!) I figure I will spend my afternoon working on Facebook and trying to figure out the Php for this website I'm working on without my hunny to help me...

*sigh* Spring just can't get here fast enough!


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