My Cabinets Are Almost Ready!!

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So, my Christmas present from my Daddy this year is... New Kitchen Cabinets!

My Dad owns Best Built Cabinets, in Columbus, GA (if you need new cabinets, he was voted one of the best cabinet builders in the South two years ago! He makes awesome cabinets!! ...and he travels! *lol- don't you love my shameless plug?!?*) But it works out great for me, because he knows we are re-doing our house and of course, needed new cabinets!

He's been sending me pictures of them as they are working on them and I am so excited!!

This is my nephew, Jeremiah, working on them!

And my brother, Danny cutting out doors! Danny actually works for Dad-lol

My favorite niece, Linda sanding! That's little Christian and my step-mom, Kathy working with her!

My dad, and my nephew, Christian! I don't know how anything gets done without Christian!!

And here's my doors all sealed and stained!

And here's the cabinets!

They should be here Friday morning, which also happens to my wedding anniversary LOL, to put them in! I'm ecstatic!


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