Creative Writing Part 1

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I think better when I am typing! I know I am probably not supposed to share the entire thought process in a blog, but I enjoyed it! Here's to hoping you do, too! Oh and anyone who wants to know where I got the questions or to join in the fun- just go here!

#1- I want to write to other mothers; those seeking out a way to raise their families with Biblical principles and, like me, do not find very much support from their families. I want to be able to encourage those who are frightened of letting God be the central theme in their lives and also to tell about my journey through the world as a homeschooling, quiverful, God-centered, organic gardening, homemaking mommy!

#2- a-As a mommy of many little bitty ones, I spend my days organizing, managing to find the time (usually!) to accomplish in one day what most 'normal' families take several days to do. I have learned that I must live as though I am always having company over, otherwise the chaos will take over!
b- My life is unique is many ways! I had six children in the span of four years- four of those being two consecutive sets of fraternal twins! I breastfed all of my children until they were at least six months old (some a little while shorter and some for a little while longer and several of them while being pregnant with the next one(s)!). Two of my children have potentially life altering medical conditions that require consistent, highly qualified medical care. We are in the process of stripping out and remodeling our home while we live in it, and making it efficient for the home-centered life of eight people. I struggle to make my life as simple as possible while living with a techie husband who wants (and has!) all of the latest gadgets and is in school full time to gain a degree in a technical field! I am an organic cook, but try to make as much good food as possible on a very small food budget. I could go on and on... maybe there's a lesson in that!
c- When asked what do I know that could help other people, I immediately think of pregnancy, child-birth, and raising children. I don't claim that my children are perfect (or even as perfect as I want them to be!) but when I think of what's asked of me most often- it's related to pregnancy, delivery, child-birth, and child-care. I am also an expert (in my own way!) on multiplies and having tried many different approaches to breastfeeding and raising my first set of twins, once the second set arrived, I was prepared and still to this day can honestly say that the entire process of bringing those children to toddler-hood was the easiest of my child experiences yet.

So my five topics would be : #1- Caring for babies in large family or stressful situations #2- Dealing with cronic health problems in your child #3- Efficient living in unusual situations for large families #4- Using real life to home-school #5- Leading a simple, Godly lifestyle

#3- I believe that, yes, these topics are worth discussing! All five of my topics are integral parts of my life; I have an endless store of knowledge (learned from both intensive book study and personal experience) on all five of those topics. I also believe that I just might be able to impact someone's life- give them encouragement or useful ideas with posts about any five of those topics. Since I believe that all of the above mentioned topics (which are really parts of my everyday life) were given to me by God to live and learn and teach (at least my children, family, and friends) I do believe that they would be God-honoring if expounded upon. :)

*I would like to write a post on Making a Small House fit Your Family!

(Probably not the best post topic but it's something I am very involved in right now!)

#4- I would want my readers to feel encouraged that it's not the size of their home but the size of their creativity that limits them. I would want them to actually use some of my tips for coming up with ideas to expand the usable space in their home!

#5- I will have to come back to this one! I don't have time right now to fully think it through- I hear kids up playing in their bedrooms! LOL

One Last Exercise!
Why is a coffee cup like a bathroom?

A coffee cup is like a bathroom because they both start out beautiful and shiny and without being filled with the proper amounts of water and soap regularly will both make your stomach churn!


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